TAP 2022 Season FAQ’s

Thank you for your interest in Third Avenue PlayWorks! Our 2022 Season schedule looks a little different this year. We are all learning and happy to answer any questions you may have. If you don’t see the answer to your questions here, feel free to call our box office at 920.743.1760 or send an email to info@thirdavenueplayworks.org. Thank you!

When are your performances?

In 2022, we are offering five different productions – each running for three to five weeks at a time. Our performances are offered Wednesday through Saturday evenings at 7:30pm and Sunday afternoons at 2:00pm each week. We typically do not have performances on Mondays or Tuesdays. The only time this schedule would change, is if a major holiday interfers. In that case, we would adjust the weekly schedule to avoid the holiday.

We offer TWO preview performances: the first Preview is a Pay-What-You-Will preview on the first Sunday afternoon of the run. This is not a ticketed event: patrons can make a donation and watch the performance on a first-come, first-served basis. The second Preview will be presented on the first Wednesday evening of the run. This is a ticketed event and is the final performance before Opening Night. 

Opening Night will happen on the first Thursday of each production. While some tickets are available for purhcase, this performance has a mostly invited audience, as we celebrate the opening of the production. 

Is there a Pay-What-You-Will Option?

Yes! We still offer a Pay-What-You-Will (PWYW) Preview performance for each show, that will be open to the public. For the 2022 season, the PWYW preview will be held the Sunday prior to opening, at 2:00pm. This performance is first-come, first-served.  There are no tickets or reservations. Patrons can make a donation of their choosing and seating is available until the theatre is full.

Each of our productions in the 2022 season will have a Community Partner – a local non-profit organization that is a good fit with the theme of the production. We will partner with that organization for the entire run of the show. Any donations we receive at the PWYW Preview will be donated to that Community Partner organization.

What exactly IS a Preview Performance?

Previews are a set of public performances of a theatrical production that take place before its official opening. The purpose of the preview is to allow the creative team time to identify problem areas and opportunities for improvements or adjustments that weren’t found during rehearsals. Until the play is officially open, changes to blocking or the design are still allowed, per union artist contracting agreements. The press is only permitted to review the production following the “Opening Night” performance.

Why would I want to attend a Preview Performance?

Previews are a crucial element of a show’s evolution. Without those first audiences, it is hard to say how a comedic or dramatic element will land for a house full of people on a nightly basis. After seeing the rehearsal and living with the play for days or weeks leading up to the opening, preview performances allow the director and designers the chance to step back and see the show anew through the eyes and experience of the audience.

For the 2022 season, TAP has scheduled two previews for each production: a PWYW Preview on Sunday afternoon and a ticketed Preview on Wednesday evening. The Opening Night will be that Thursday. It is vital to the success of the play to get a generous sized audience on these evenings, so come play your part!

Why is the Opening Nights Series Subscription more expensive?

Great question! TAP is changing it up this year – our Opening Nights will be celebrations! We’re planning pre- and post- show events to create a celebratory feel for everyone. The show will be mostly invite-only: there is an Opening Night subscription option and some individual tickets will be available for purchase, as well. 

I'm not sure I'm available for the shows in each series. Am I locked in to those dates?

Absolutely not! One of the perks of being a subscriber is being able to exchange your tickets for a different date, at any time, for free! Just give us a call, and we’ll help you make the exchange. Or if you’re feeling brave, you can do an exchange online.