Door County Stories

Welcome to DOOR COUNTY STORIES –  a collection of interviews with Door County residents each telling their own unique and personal stories. They could be your friends, neighbors, or merely casual acquaintances.  You might recognize them from passing in the street, or as an audience member, or even just shopping at a store. They could also be people you’ve never seen or heard of at all. The only thing they all have in common is that they are longtime residents of Door County. They collectively and individually contribute to the vast, diverse mosaic of people who call Door County their home.      The series is curated and hosted by Robert Boles and James Valcq, TAP’s co-artistic directors, Stephanie Trenchard, co-owner of Popelka Trenchard Glass Fine Art Gallery in Sturgeon Bay, and Alex Genty-Waksberg, former TAP staff member currently pursuing a graduate degree in social work at Columbia University in New York.  


Ram Rojas

Helen Del Guidice

Jerod Santek

Cathy Grier

Peter Ciesla