Join Our Team of Volunteers! 

Support the Arts while being a part of creating the art! 

TAP’s Mission
Third Avenue PlayWorks inspires community connections and sparks dialogue through wide-ranging professional theatre.

Volunteers are an essential part of TAP.  From help putting on shows to keeping our facilities running smoothly we depend on volunteers to help us accomplish our mission.  The bonus is you can make new friends, have a lot of fun and see some great theatre!

Show Support

  • Ushering -There are a number of tasks both prior to and after the show.
    • Before the show:
      • Checking for debris in the theater
      • Placing program inserts in playbills
      • Greeting patrons as they arrive in the lobby, answering their questions, letting them know about any special things going on that night
      • Checking tickets and showing patrons to the correct row and the correct seat(s)
    • After the show:
      • Collecting donations and/or collecting playbills from those who wish to turn them back in
      • Cleaning up debris left in theater
      • Checking returned playbills for re-use and putting them back in boxes
  • Concessions – These tasks are prior to the show and during intermission (if the show has one)
    • Before the show:
      • Make coffee
      • Check and replenish supply stock if needed
      • Fill out cash box tracking sheet
      • Wait on patrons for pre-show sales
        • We take cash and will have a Square available for credit/debit card sales.  There would be complete training to use the Square and someone on site in case a problem arose
    • Intermission:
      • Tidy up and do any necessary restocking once the show starts
      • When the show breaks, wait on patrons until show restarts
      • Continue with Closing Duties
    • Closing:
      • clean out coffee machine and tidy up workspace
      • Count cash box and fill out cash tracking sheet, return cash box to Box Office
  • Building/Installing Sets – 
    • TAP is building large and more interesting sets by the show!  Work with Technical Director Alex Polzin to build, paint and install these sets.  Get a chance to see how it works before the show!


Artist Support

  • Transportation – 
    • Designers and actors can arrive at or depart from Milwaukee or Green Bay, but still need to get to Sturgeon Bay. You can drive them here, give them local insider info and get to know an artist.
  • Housing – 
    • TAP hires designers and actors from throughout the county and has limited access to company housing. Housing opportunities can last from 10 days to 7 weeks.
  • Meals – 
    • Individuals and businesses might provide a meal for the company during the first week of rehearsal or tech week. Enjoy sharing a meal and getting to know the company!


Administrative Support

  • Mailings –
    •  From time to time, we have small mailings that may require folding, sealing, labeling, stamping, and/or stuffing envelopes.
  • Marketing Support – 
    • These volunteers are responsible for the distribution of brochures and posters throughout their community. They assist the marketing department in maintaining an accurate list of locations.


TAP Building Beautification

  • Refresh and restock TAP!

If you would like become a member of the TAP family of volunteers, please give us a call at (920) 743-1760 or reach out to Jenevieve jenevieve@thirdavenueplayworks.org

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